Welcome to The Naughty Gift Store – Editors Letter

Welcome to The Naughty Gift Store . Your online guide to find the best naughty, sexy gifts online, and resource blog to help you find the best lingerie and sex toys available on the internet.  You may have noticed we've re-vamped  and made things look sparkly and new here and  we're ready for you to find the best sexy lingerie and adult products online. Just as well really, as Christmas is just around the corner. You may think you have plenty of … [Read More...]

Naughty Gifts at Love Honey this Christmas

Part 3 – Stocking Filler Gifts at Lovehoney

I'm back this week with some Sexy Christmas Offers with great savings and fab freebies since it's really ramping up to Christmas time, I cannot believe that it'll nearly be  December soon and I usually start my Christmas shopping and planning, around … [Read More...]

Valerie Cathedral Bra

Christmas Gifts Part 2: Vintage Lingerie

I'm back this week, week number 2 if you're counting, of The Naughty Gift Stores weekly guide to the best Christmas presents from around the web. Each week, as we said last week, we'll show you some great gift ideas we think will make an utterly … [Read More...]


Christmas Gifts Part 1: Top 3 Body Wands

No, it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas! Let us remind you it's a mere (at time of writing) 6 weeks away. That's 6 stress free weeks to plan and get your partner something special but totally naughty. We're talking about males and … [Read More...]

Coco de Mer Latex Scallop Balcony Bra

New Latex Lingerie at Coco De Mer

You would have probably noticed that I've been singing the praises of one of my newer rediscoveries recently, and if you haven't then let me tell you, that I have been prattling on about Coco De Mer for the last couple of blog posts! Whether that's … [Read More...]

I.D Sarrieri Vamporama Body

Discover I.D. Sarrieri at Coco de Mer

I've been recently delving into the depths of luxury lingerie and alternative lingerie brands online, to explore items I've never seen before or stores I haven't bought from before. Unfortunately, I haven't been buying as many of the items I've seen … [Read More...]

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